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Welcome at Maris Projects

The key activities from Maris Projects B.V. are processing waste to valued products. This has been our key activities for a long period. In the last years we gained experience especially in waste to bio-fuel and sub-products process, well before processing waste became fashionable and well before the carbon markets came into being. Therfore in 2004 Maris Projects B.V. and Maris Machines B.V. is created. Maris Projects B.V. main focus is on projects and problem solving for our clients. Maris Machines B.V. main focus is giving used machines a second life. 

We believe we have developed a very high level of understanding of waste to energy processes and we add sufficient value to be able to command a higher economic return for our Partners.

Maris expertise (CDM-projects)

  • Anaerobic Waste (Water) treatment and recycling
  • Bio Gas capturing and filtering
  • Bio Energy generation (electric and heat)
  • Organic Fertilizer production/irrigation for sustainable and higher yields

Our industries/branches

  • Agro- and Bio-Fuel Industry
  • Food Waste Industry
  • Landfill and Recycling Industry
  • Cattle farms & Leather Industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry

New Arrival - secondhand wastegas flare unit!

Maris projects B.V. is the company which focus on project building and new machines/installations. The subject "Sustainable use of waste products" is the main focus of Maris Projects B.V. The most important activities of Maris Projects B.V. are making energy out of organic waste streams. 

Maris Machines B.V., a daughter of the Maris Group B.V. is a trader, supplier, manufacture and overhaul specialist of (second hand) process equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, agrarian and food industry. An overview of our curren stock of second hand machines, can be found at

demonstration digester

With this demonstration digester tests and demonstrations can be performed.

Algae research

Research to clean waste water with the help of algae.

Biogas installation

A demonstration installation, designed by Maris Projects B.V. for making biogas out of waste products.

Manure drying

Installation for sterilizing and drying manure under vacuum without odor.