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How does your company profit?

Also, unlike most research and development companies that focus more on the scientific aspects of technology, we have always remained in tune with practical on-ground realities given it's process engineering background, and is therefore able to easily assess which (integrated) technologies are more practical and efficient. Because of this practical view on the projects,we can react fast when there is a change in a research or development project. Maris Machines B.V. has a second hand machine store on process equipment, which is giving second hand equipment a new destination. This is why we can develop, build and adapt demonstration installations more easily and cheaper than most research and development companies. As research is expensive, the use of second hand equipment, can reduce the costs for our partners.

Our technology gives our partners the advantage and profit by reducing production, exploitation and transportation costs. We achieve this with a deep understanding of process control and equipment to obtain optimal biological-, thermal- and physical  reactions, leading to less demand of expensive commodity like:

• Fossil Fuel
• Artificial Fertilizer and Nutrients
• Water and other Products

We can also reduce costs on reducing waste (water) disposal. We can handle almost any kind organic waste or waste water and make useful products out of it. In the tab Services, you will find all the expertises we can handle.

Besides costs reduction and sustainability, in a lot of projects, Clean Development Mechanism-projects can delivers CDM-credits. This CDM-credits can be obtained from sustainable projects in countries like India, China and Indonesia. CDM-credits are contributing to a fast return of investment for our Partners.