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Maris Projects B.V. and Maris Machines B.V. are part of Maris Group. Maris was founded in 1976 and Maris Projects is found in 2004. As a company, we have more many years of experience in engineering of multi-conversion techniques. Maris Projects B.V. is a company specialised in waste management activities. The founder of the company, Wout van Maris, is still active for the company. His son, Ruben van Maris, is the current Managing Director. Ruben has a lot of experience using various proven physical-, chemical-, and biological technology for processing different kind of waste.

The team of Maris Group consist of professional Process Engineers, Environmental specialists, Researchers and a specialised Mechanical team. At Maris Group we stimulate recruiting young talent by working closely, and provide internship for multiple specialisations.

Maris Group is the main company of Maris. Maris Group B.V. is consisting out of 3 daughter companies which are working close together. Maris Group B.V. was founded in 2004.

The Netherlands

Maris Machines B.V., a daughter of the Maris Group is a trader, supplier, manufacture and overhaul specialist of (second hand) process equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, agrarian and food industry. Maris Machines B.V. was also founded in 2004.

Maris Projects B.V. is the projects company where most of the activities take place. Form Maris Projects B.V. installations and techniques are researched, designed, build, operated and managed. Maris Projects B.V. expertise is converting organic waste into valuable products (see Products & Services). Maris Projects B.V. is also founded in 2004.

Foreign companies


Maris Environmental Projects India Private Limited (MEPI) MEPI was founded in 2009 and is created to establish projects in India. MEPI is located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India. At this location, also our fleshing to fuel project is established.

Maris Environmental Projects Asia Ltd. (MEPA), Hongkong

Maris Environmental Project Asia Ltd. (MEPA) MEPA is our representative company which is located in Hong Kong. Via MEPA, we are organise our business in China. MEPA was founded in 2012, We have already some years of experience in doing business in China, which have led to a professional relations ships with partners and several projects in China.


PT Maris Sustainable Indonesia PT Maris Sustainable Indonesia was founded in 2012. We are active in Indonesia with a research project. Since then, we expanded our activities to more locations and a various range of activities as bio-energy, food security and sustainable use of (waste)products.