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Demonstration model

Based on the outcome of the laboratory research, we can create a demonstration model with capacities in a range of 1 – 50 litter. We have a wide range of small demonstration models already prepared. For some models, we need to combine some equipment.

Our expert team of mechanics, can make a practical solution to run the tests. Our main advantage is the fast building and testing time we can deliver, because we use our second hand testing machines. We have almost any kind of small sized process equipment in stock. In example small algae reactors, digestion reactors, grinders, mixers, blowers, dryers etc.

With these demonstration models, we can do some more tests to decide which is the best technique (or combination of techniques) to use. With these tests, we can also give an overview of basic investment and operational costs of a full installation. To determine the exact investment and operation costs, as well as proof of technology, we can offer a pilot plant.

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