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Full scale installations

We can provide you with a full scale installation or production plant, regarding earlier tests we did. In the algae an biogas business, we have a long history, so less testing need to be done. Custom made installations, most of the time need a demonstration or pilot plant first.

We think in a practical way. That is why the installations we are delivering are functional and easy to operate. Based on client wishes, we can deliver installations with used equipment, or with new equipment. Possibilities where new and used equipment are used, are also possible.

For full installations, we can offer you a full project line. We can offer you:

  • Project/installation design: we can offer a full installation design with technical drawings, strength calculations, overview drawings, capacity calculations, etc. this design should be the foundation for the mechanics which need to build the installation;
  • Building: at our workshop we will build the total installation, or part of it. Depending on the scale and location, the client can decide to purchase some material locally because of price differences.
  • On-site installation: the total installation can be installed on-site by our mechanics. Also now, the client can choose to do hire some local workers for some work, depending on location. For the electrical connection of the installation, Maris Projects B.V. works together with an electrician which is expert in special installation.
  • Start up and adjusting: when the installation will be operated for the first time, our engineers can support the local working man in the beginning. Because our engineers are involved since the first design of the installation, they will know all the ins and outs of the installation. For the operation of the installation, we can deliver a detailed manual.
  • Training: when an installation is more complicated, we can also offer a training for local working people. This training can include the basic maintenance of the installation and a proper training in operating the installation. When training is taking place in the first weeks after start up, our engineers can also solve teething problems.