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Problem analyses

First step is the analyse of the clients problems. In an introduction conversation, you can clarify your problems which you are facing with your product. Our expert team of engineers discuss the possible solutions we have in mind, which could possibly work. This can be a single solution or a combination of solutions, depending on the situation and problem. In the solution which are possible, we always taking 3 possible solutions in consideration. The solutions we propose are:

  • Physical treatment of the waste and/or;
  • Thermal treatment of the waste and/or;
  • Biological treatment of the waste.

Based on the clients information, pictures, sample and process description we will analyse the total situation. Based on the time pressure and actual situation, we can recommend the next step. First step will be the laboratory analyses of the product.

Depending on the situation and client wishes, the client is free to test for themselves, or can choose to leave the testing to us. We can offer only laboratory testing, model building, machine renting or advise, or offer the whole concept.

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