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Our speciality is serving in solutions. We can offer a full project management. This will start with a client problem. Via lab testing, small scale demonstration model, full scale demonstration model trough final solution, we offer our clients a custom made solution for there (waste) problems. Our advantage is the short management time which is needed for our clients. This is because we have our own laboratory which is available any time and we have the availability of our second hand storage with machines. We also have the ability of our machines in stock, suitable for (small scale) demonstration models.

Our services consist out of:

  • Solution orientated thinking with our clients;
  • Providing lab tests to find the right way of handling the problem;
  • Designing & building of (small scale) demonstration models;
  • Preparing & testing of these demonstration models with clients products;
  • Designing, building & operating a pilot plant;
  • Designing, building & operating a full scale installation;
  • Project Management;
  • Supervision & operation;
  • Construction and drawing of installations;

Due to many experience in (organic)waste handling, machine revision/building and process designing, we are able to offer a full service for our clients. We have a range of professions which are listed below. In the drop down menu on the left, you can find some project examples.

Our professions:

  • Special installations for (advanced) processes;
  • Manure treatment systems;
  • Special installations for waste treatment;
  • Anaerobic digestion reactors;
  • Anaerobic biogas plant;
  • Bio-gas treatment systems;
  • Bio-gas handling systems;
  • Waste water treatment systems;
  • Algae reactors;
  • Total algae cultivation systems;
  • Exhaust gas treatment.

Second Hand Process Equipment

Maris Machines B.V., a daughter of the Maris Group is a trader, supplier, manufacture and overhaul specialist of (second hand) process equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, agrarian and food industry. Beside process equipment we also second hand measuring and controlling devices.

Biogas and algae equipment

We are expert in organic waste treatment equipment. We produce new equipment to treat organic waste physically, thermal and biologic. For the organic waste sector we can deliver all kind of pumps, grinders, mixers, blowers etc. Below, a small range of our products is listed. Beside new equipment for the organic waste sector, we also have second hand process equipment and measuring and controlling devices. For these products we invite you to see our stock at

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